dimanche 27 octobre 2013

I Wanna Be Yours

All - Topshop

And here's another outfit with my favourite Topshop coat! Actually my whole outfit is Topshop. These were also taken at the Mall in St. Paul, I really liked the architecture there. These photos were taken after a long day at school so excuse my ''I just wanna go home'' face. I spent a lovely weekend which consisted on going to a rock gig on friday night in the south and meeting talented arising artists, visiting the fashion section at the V&A, getting drunk off free champagne at Burberry and seeing Lady Gaga at a gay club in Soho. Life in London can get quite exciting, but most of the time things like that happen when you least expect it. Have a lovely week, x
P.S: got hysteric when I learned that Arctic Monkeys had a gig in London friday night and that I had no clue. I would kill to see them live, there're my favourite band of all time.

''Secrets I have held in my heart, are harder to hide than i thought. Maybe I just wanna be yours''

Shocking, Provocative U.N.I.F

First two pictures - from Good Daze collection Summer 13
Next three pictures - from Twin Peak collection Fall 13
Last three pictures - from Poison Ivy collection Summer 12
Video - Nothing Lasts Whatever 

So I really wanted to write about the very controversial online brand UNIF (U’re not in fashion). Established in 2004 by couple Eric Espinoza and Christine Lai in LA, UNIF has had numerous complaints. They are often being accused of being satanic and being condemned for the use of Illuminati symbolism in their clothes.

The brand mostly finds its inspiration in the 90’s grudge wave. Wearing UNIF clothing will make you feel rebellious and you’ll somehow feel like you’re breaking the law. But did it go too far?

Wearing a black oversized tee with “Pray to Jesus, Party to Satan” or “Jesus Shaves” with a portrait of bold Jesus, or “Go to Hell for Heavens Sake” could offend religious people. The UNIF customer wants to shock, and to provoke confusion. However, this breaks ethics and moral rules. Sure, the U.S.A offers a freedom of religion but this clothing is more to disturb the public than express some kind of religious view.
In addition, other complaints accuse UNIF to embellish the use of drugs. Marijuana print shirts or the PMW (Pussy Money Weed) shirt could be considered as bad influence for underage customers (although nowadays I don't think clothing has to be blamed for drug use at very young age, anyway that's my personal opinion).

UNIF has also been blamed for being overpriced. Simple ripped t-shirt can’t be found for less than 70USD, although you could find the same at Venice Beach for less than 10USD.

Personally, I'm a big fan of UNIF. I wouldn't wear some of their clothes, because my aim isn't to offend or shock. But some of their pieces are just amazing (although overpriced, but I guess you're paying for the name right?), I mean I would kill for some. Here are some pieces I adore: The Hardy BlazerThe Ish PantsThe Das Boots or The Oh Dang Swimming Suit. And these are just a few. And another thing I'd like to mention is their campaigns. I mean come on, there're incredible! The Nothing Lasts Forever filmed by marvelous photographer Moni from Johnny's Bird, awakens my dark side (yes, i used to be a big fan of heavy metal) and makes me wanna walk around in an oversized tee with leather hot pants and the UNIF Hellbounds like I just don't care. So I'm interested in knowing what you guys think about all this. xx

jeudi 24 octobre 2013


Coat - Topshop
Dress -  Urban Outfitters
Tights - Missguided
Shoes - H&M

So this time, Marion and I decided to go around London a bit and ended up shooting on the rooftop of St.Paul's mall. There was a sunset and we had a view all over London, it was magnificent. I actually bought this coat 2 days ago, and I've been obsessed since. It's just so warm, I love it and it wasn't THAT expensive. Definitely getting ready for the winter... Did you know it would be the coldest winter in Europe since 1913?! I hate winters and I miss the heath and sun of the Philippines so much but oh well, I'm in London now! Lots of love, xx

mardi 22 octobre 2013


Dress - Monki
PVC Trench Coat - Granny's
PVC Boots - Dr. Martens
Headband - River Island

So here's the last photos Marion took of my in this lovely cemetery. I know that this outfit is very simple, but I adore wearing a simple black dress. I think it's elegant, classic and you can style it however you want. Definitely a must have. I tried to style this trench coat my grand mother gave me, but it's 4 times my regular size, so it just looks huge on me. Fortunately the adjustable belt makes it wearable. Anyway, I'm going to try to make major changes on my blog, esp. writing less about me and more about the fashion world, street style and things I like. I'm a journalism student after all. Good day my lovelies, x

"I'll protect you from all the things I've seen"

Gareth Pugh Spring 2014

Structure at Gareth Pugh
Faithful to the shapes, proportions and process very present in his previous collections, the designer presented his Spring 2014 collection at the Paris Fashion Week.

Pugh chose to play with neutral colours for his spring collection. Except for a turquoise dress that opened the show, the rest of his collection was mainly composed of black, white and grey. The first face at the show, Sasha Luss, was wearing a long turquoise silk dress and a feather pale plum headdress. With this twisted combination of showgirl and drag queen, the model walked down the catwalk to the rhythm of In Every Dream Home A Heartache by Roxy Music.

Shape and structure were the two words that strike out of Pugh’s collection: with oversized shoulders, the garments were all very tight on the waist and legs, emphasizing women’s shape. Sexy, although not showing a lot of skin, this collection is all a woman can dream of. The silhouettes were stiffened, and the cuts were crisp. Pugh’s declared being inspired by traditional Japanese clothing for his collection, which reflects itself with all the draping and layers.

Fabrics mainly consisted of silk, leather, sequins and wool.
Linsday Wixon, a very un-Pughish model made an appearance on the catwalk. She was wearing a silver sequined top with assorted sleeves and a long creme skirt. The glitter almost made a mirror effect that contrasted with the inverted trapeze shaped skirt.
Another key figure, was model Catherine McNeil, wearing all black. Her strapless black leather dress was worn with dirty black thigh boots. Were added to that outfit, a black leather bolero with exaggerated shoulders and very tight sleeves.
The show closed with an all white outfit. A long silky dress was worn with an enormous feather headdress that continued on the arms, forming long sleeves.

The eye makeup was clearly distorted. Giving a butterfly wing effect, the eyelids were painted up to the brow in harmony with the clothes.

lundi 21 octobre 2013


Hey Hey, so here's a small post my friend Cristiana from Cristiana Photography took a while ago. I know most of the pictures are in black & white and you can't really see my outfit but the lightning was terrible so she did what she could. I just wanted to show off my faux fur coat I bought at H&M for super cheap (well 30£). But I definitely need a black one... Probably going to go thrift shopping this week end to find one... If I have time. So much things to do and no time... Welcome to Uni. Anyway, xx

"It's hard to forget what we haven't done yet, It's easy to let go of everything you know"

dimanche 20 octobre 2013

I Love You

Hey hey, so here's the second series of photos Marion took in this lovely cemetery. Being quite superstitious I was really scared of seeing something I didn't want to see on the pictures, but it was all good (yeah the Sixth Sense really got to me). I did my first Vox Pop today in Westfield, Shepard's Bush. My question was "Do you prefer shopping by quality or quantity?", I know it's not very deep and elaborated but it's a start. Anyway, I'm supposed to be writing a news story so I must dash my lovelies! Lots of love, xx

"In the waves I've lost all trace of you, Where are you?"

samedi 19 octobre 2013

Now That I Know

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I've just been so busy with school and I had trouble finding people to take pictures. But as always, my dear friend Marion took this amazing pictures. It's in a cemetery near The Costume Store (my student accommodation)! It's so beautiful, there's something so peaceful about cemeteries, maybe it's the silence, the crows or the dead... I'm getting morbid ok. Anyway, it's Halloween soon, i'm so exited about that, I'm gonna be... No it's surprise. Will definitely be posting more often, I promise. Lots of love, xx

"That you're not here with me, seems to be the only time I see you clearly"

mardi 8 octobre 2013

Rachel Dunlop Photography

I'm proud to have modeled for lovely photography student Rachel Dunlop, earlier today. She's an exchange student that originally studies at Parsons in NYC. We went to this very dodgy game/bowling place in a not to great area of the city. However, I think the pictures turned out great! But oh well, let's admit it: it's the photographer's work that's great. The theme of the photo shoot was kinda 60's/70's, in case you hadn't noticed. Want to see more of Rachel's work? Check out her blog or her Facebook page.  Lots of love my dears, xx (i really appreciate the increasing number of you guys on my blog).