jeudi 14 novembre 2013

Golden Haze

And I'm done with Uni work (well almost, still needs lots of editing), such a relief. Anyway, these photos were taken on Carnaby street by the one and only Marion. She had to go take some analogue photos for a school project so I decided to join her, Carnaby street being one of my favorite shopping streets here in London. When I saw this pug t-shirt in River Island a few days ago, I just could not leave without buying it. It's just so adorable, and I mean it's pugs! How could I resist? And this leather skirt is the best deal I've ever made. I thrifted it in Toulouse this Summer. It was only 14E and it's real leather. I know I wear these shoes way too much but they just go with everything and I love them so much. x

"Beautiful one, I wanna know what you are. Beautiful one, I wanna go where you go."

lundi 11 novembre 2013

Friend (Lover)

This outfit is more... How can I put this? Um, Rihanna-ish than my usual looks. Although I quite like her style (even though I would never dare to dress up like her), i'm more into a soft rock style... I don't even know how to describe it. Whatever, I don't know how to describe my fashion tastes, musical tastes, boy taste. Yeah I just wear/listen/take (lol) whatever I like. Going back to the outfit, I thrifted this army jacket this Summer in Paris (Hippy Market), it was such a good deal. I am completely, utterly in love with it. It's late and I'm tired. This is Uni: Everyday I just tell myself that I should sleep earlier but I always end up finding so much stuff to do at night (even though I do nothing by day). It's like I hate sleeping because it's such a waste of time but then at the same time it's the best fucking thing in the world (with food). xx

dimanche 10 novembre 2013

Music Is My Boyfriend

So the only thing I may love more than clothes is music (just joking, I'm a respectable person who loves her dogs more than anything). So I've decided to dedicate this post to some songs I love. Obviously I couldn't copy my entire iTunes library so I picked SOME songs (kind of randomly really). Back in the Phils' I couldn't find any music buddy cause' i have quite a particular musical taste. Thought it would differ in London, but no. Here i am, still looking for my musical soulmate. Anyway... Enjoy? x

A$AP is definitely my favourite rapper. I used to hate US rap but then I discovered A$AP... and Kendrick Lamar and Mykki Blanco and a few others. Phoenix was the first song I downloaded.

My obsession with Arctic Monkeys is obvious. So how could I resist Alex's solo album? It was featured in Submarine, a lovely indie film I would say. If you didn't see it, what are you waiting for? The whole soundtrack was made by Alex and the entire movie is adorable.

I love Alt-J (∆). I love their style and the singer's voice is amazing. I wouldn't say Taro is my favorite song of theirs but I love it. It's the kind of song I listen to, close my eyes and imagine myself somewhere else. India perhaps, yeah because of the ''indian'' kind of part in this song.

HAHAHA. And there they are. Do I Wanna Know is absolute perfection to me. The lyrics ("Baby we both know, that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day"), the rhythm & Alex's voice are magnificent. You know how when you adore a song, you can't understand how other people can dislike it (please tell me i'm not the only one)? I have this with Do I Wanna Know. CRAWLING BACK TO YOU.

"You are my bloodflow, my lovely bloodflow". I somehow like to do yoga on this song and imagine myself on top of a waterfall. Amen.

I read somewhere that Best Coast's Crazy For You album was about weed and the singer's cat being lazy a lot. I can totally feel that in their music, it's the perfect description. The whole album is dedicated to longing, heartbreak and dealing with emotions that are often left unsaid. That's me, how can I not love it?

To appreciate this song, you probably have to be stoned in a small dark room with huge speakers. That's all I can say.

I like Clams Casino, I really do.

If You Leave is such a depressing yet beautiful album. I listened to it when I was on the plane, leaving the Phils' for good and crying so bad. Sure, it didn't help but we all love sad music when we're feeling down don't we? "I needed, I needed you. To run through my veins, like disease"

Drive. This movie somehow bewitched me. And this song is magical. I call it my Baccalaureat song because of the lyrics: ''I don't eat, I don't sleep, I do nothing but think of you".

Okay I won't lie, I know DIIV through Sky Ferreira (who is my idol despite the fact I'm not too fond of her music) who's dating the singer. But I really like this indie band, especially this song. It's cute.

I had a metal phase two years ago which faded away with time. But I still love Electric Wizard. Doom metal, a kind of slower and heavier type of metal... I somehow find it sexy god know's why. Dopethrone, THREE WIZARDS CROWNED WITH WEED YEAH!

So this would probably be the soundtrack of my life. I somehow identify myself to this song, don't really know why though. Maybe it's the soft, dreamy tones? Maybe it's the lyrics? "Don't go, tell me that the lights won't change. Tell me that we'll stay the same, and we'll stay here forever''. idk.

All hail Joy Division. Ian Curtis was such a special person. And I love the music they did, such a shame he died so young. For quite a while I wanted to get a tattoo of Love Will Tear Us Apart, but then I thought it was kind of glum.

Dudes, watch the video it's adorable. I love the 60's tones in M83's Hurry Up, We're Dreaming album. This is definitely a band you listen to while doing your homework. Yeah.

So this is some hardcore shit. But I like it, always listen to it when I want to get pumped up or before going clubbing.

I have tones of songs in the same genre on my iPod. Because I love it. There's not much to say about this song apart that I shazamed it in Topshop. It's cool, you know?

MIAM. Is there more to say? Shut up and listen.

I've been listening to S4LEM for quite a while now. I love how dark and stoned their music is/makes me (yeah I get stoned with music sometimes). I adore this band.

Okay I won't hide it, I mostly listen to the first 36s of this song cause' I'm not really into the rest of it. This songs rhymes with sex. Yeah.

Tame Impala ahhhh. I love them and it would be my dream to see them live.

Toro y Moi is good music. I don't know what else to say. I love putting it in the background while chilling with some friends.

Who doesn't like Two Door Cinema Club? I feel like there're so likable. This song is the ultimate long distance relationship song "Although I'm far away, I know I'll stay right here with you."

I am proud to say that I include The XX in my favorite bands EVER. Their debut album is lovely, and Intro definitely makes me want to travel somehow and their second album Coexist is brilliant too. I just find this song so inspiring... I love drawing while listening to it.

Just so good.

The Wolf

Coat - Urban Outfitters (CARIN WESTER)
Dress - H&M
Cut Out Boots - River Island

And Winter is definitely here. I was freezing while Marion was taking these pictures. I can't wait to go back to the Philippines this Christmas, I miss the sun (and parents, dogs, house) so bad. Anyway, went to BarRumba with some friends on friday night: It was a Celebrity night. I had the brilliant idea to wear this dress with a white crown flower (Lana Del Rey), and got called a bride the whole night. I swear the photographer started shouting that I was getting married in two weeks: think twice before wearing all white to a club. Having my depressing "itssundaynight" moment right now. Bye, x

''Eyes black, big paws and it's poison and it's blood''

mercredi 6 novembre 2013

All Is Full Of Love

Wool Cardigan - Pull & Bear
Velvet Black Body - Topshop
Jeans - American Apparel
Cut Out Boots - River Island

Hey Hey, sorry for the kind of long break: I was enjoying the city of love. Yeah I went to Paris for a few days, because I was starting to get bored of London. I decided to go by bus but I literally thought I was going to die: 10 hours! I mean fine you can sleep, but I just couldn't. Hungover after Halloween, it felt like I would never arrive. But oh well, I eventually did and for 74 pounds it was worth it. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures there because let's face it, I'm lost without my super photographer Marion. I'm stressing out right now because my hand-in date for uni is in... 16 days! I better concentrate on work now, bye. xx

''Twist your head around, it's all around you. All is full of love, all around you."