mardi 18 mars 2014


Top & Shoes - Topshop
Trousers - Urban Outfitters
Blazer - Mango

Marion shot these photos, the day before I left for Paris. For some reason I missed France, so I'm going to be spending the whole of Springbreak between, Paris, Toulouse and a small town in the middle of nowhere where my grandmother lives. Anyway, wish you all a lovely break, and my advice would be to not be influenced by the movie Springbreakers like I did last year… That didn't go very well. Love, x

"I'm really over that cryin' thing, wiping' my tears, Who cries anyway? Spread like disease all over me"

mercredi 12 mars 2014

Walk In The Park

Leather Jacket - All Saints
Jeans & Clutch - Topshop
Crown Flower - H&M

These photos were taken last saturday before heading to Hyde Park (which explains my rather basic outfit). London has granted us with a magnificent weather these last days, it's amazing. Laying on the grass beneath a blue sky with some beers and friends (or boyfriend in my case) is paradise. Anyway, finished Term 2 of this first year in my Fashion Journalism course, such a release... Still 8 more weeks to go before Summer vacay! 
Heading to Paris again this Monday. I will try and take pictures there for once, and actually write an article on this city where I spend half of my time.
Lots of love, xx

"In a matter of time it will slip from my mind, In and out of my life, you would slip from my life" 

mercredi 5 mars 2014


Top & Blazer - Zara
Bag - YSL
Hat - Aldo

And here we go again, another post after so long. This outfit is more chic than my usual looks, but oh well I have my days. This top is one of the best deals I have ever made: I bought it for 4 pounds. The all lace back is perfect for summer nights out. Anyway, the weather's getting warmer here in London and I love it. I just can't wait for the summer. Love, x

"Call her moonchild, dancing in the shallows of river"