mercredi 30 juillet 2014

Chocolate City

(Top - Lazy Oaf Bag - Cooperative Sunglasses - Ray ban)
This top. I needed an interesting top and this one met my expectations. I bought it on a whim, wore it and took pictures - you know how it goes. While trying out what to wear with it (it's quite long so none of my shorts would do, I'd look like I was wearing nothing underneath which was just awkward) I was listening to Funk and discovered myself a new passion. Funky!

"God bless CC and it's vanilla suburbs"

lundi 28 juillet 2014

Nature Trips

(Jeans - Topshop Shoes - NoName Chocker - Depop)

These were taken in Holland park earlier today. When in Holland park, I feel like I was teleported in Alice in Woderland... So magical. I find it actually better under the rain, gives the whole gardens a melancholic poet like vibe. But that's just how I prefer it. Definitely a must see in London. Anyway, outfit wise these jeans are literally the only jeans I wear this Summer. There're thin, high-waisted and skinny: my favorite. 

"I just want to forget, everything that makes me feel bad"

dimanche 27 juillet 2014

Champagne Coast

(Dungarees - Topshop Sandals - River Island Bag - Lazy Oaf)

So I tried doing a huge makeover on my blog today. That didn't go well: I ended up spending four hours tearing up and giving up. I guess I'll give it another go... Someday.
Here's my lazy Sunday outfit. Cozy, simple and basic. That's how I love em'.

"Tell me what's the joy of giving if you're never pleased"

samedi 26 juillet 2014


Shorts - Lazy Oaf
Hat & Top- Topshop

These shorts are my all time favorite. I've been eyeing them for about a month online and a few days ago I just went to buy them. I instantly fell in love with Lazy Oaf once in shop. It's amazing, everything is so funky and cool. I've never been in a shop where I wanted absolutely everything. I ended up buying these watermelon shorts and a tote bag. And you know what's best? I got tones of free stickers that now adorns my computer. Anyway, hope you're all having a lovely Summer! xo

vendredi 4 juillet 2014

Provence (Summer Diary part 1)

A few days ago, I was in the South of France to attend a wedding. I was stunned with the beauty of the landscapes. Driving around with my parents through small towns like Gordes, Menerbes and Apt, I felt like a child again. Lovely feeling. Anyway, I know this post is a bit out of context but I thought it would be nice to show you all a bit of the attractiveness of the southern french sceneries. This Summer I'm planning to develop my photographic skills (who are unfortunately too poor) so I'll be posting my holiday in pictures. Hope you like it, xo